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Beautiful Liguria was born to tell about the Italian Riviera in a different way, not like the usual guidebook. When Anna started to share the things she loves about Liguria, she wanted to “show” through her posts the ligurian region to people never met before like she does with her visiting friends. With the passing of the time she met other travelers with her same passion and together they love blogging about Liguria.

Beautiful Liguria team want to introduce you to off-the-beaten-path places, local people life, events, local recipes, food markets, sporting events, holiday celebrations, fashion, architecture, traditions and much more!

Anna and her team wants to inspire you for you next italian vacation! If you are visiting Liguria for the first time and want to explore a different part of Italy, Beautiful Liguria is the right place to get tips and know more about this beautiful italian region.

They want to share the best of the authentic Liguria with all their readers. Furthermore, if you are living your “dolce vita” dream in the Liguria region and would like to share your interests, memories, curiosities remember that Beautiful Liguria is searching reporters and contributors and you can be part of this team. Just contact us we are glad to hear from you!

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Beautiful Liguria is your new way to experience your vacation in the Italian Riviera, the beautiful Italian region of Liguria. With our intimate knowledge of every corner of Liguria and diverse tour and services combinations you are assured a life-changing experience. You will enjoy your Life Experience in Liguria outside of the conventional schemes. Read more on our website

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