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Traditional italian food: 5 things to Taste in the Italian Riviera

July 30, 2014 by Anna / 0 Comments

Let’s find some of the best traditional italian food:  the Italian Riviera has probably one of the most varied cuisines of Italy. The warm of Mediterranean air creates the good conditions for growing olives, vegetables, herbs (especially basil), wine grapes, etc.. In the Liguria cuisine you can also find many fish recipes. Meat and cheeses

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Bonassola: the 6th of Cinque Terre you didn’t expect

July 24, 2014 by Veronica Della Rocca / 0 Comments

Those who have already visited all Cinque Terre villages, but still don’t have enough to discover Liguria seaside, may love to stop this time at the train station before Levanto going to east, somehow teased by the sound that makes this little town name: Bonassola.

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Genova Worth a Visit?

July 16, 2014 by Anna / 2 Comments

“I have never seen anything like this Genoa! It is something indescribably beautiful, grandiose, characteristic … I really would not know how to start explaining the impression that all this has had and is continuing to have on me … To offer you on your birthday what I deem the greatest gift, I promise to

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Travel from French Riviera to Italian Riviera

July 9, 2014 by Anna / 0 Comments

How easy is to visit the Italian Riviera travelling from the French Riviera? What places in the Italian Riviera do you suggest to stop? These are among our most important questions asked by our readers. So, let’s look over at these questions and try to give an answer. As a local it’s not easy to

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Best Places Around Cinque Terre! Let’s Discover More

July 2, 2014 by Anna / 0 Comments

Cinque Terre are gorgeous and they really worth a visit once in a lifetime! Here, the mountains are steep and rocky. Cliffs form much of the coast lending to the breathtaking landscapes. The picturesque fishing villages provide a romantic backdrop for holidays in the Italian Riviera and countless photos.

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BBC – Two Greedy Italians in Liguria


Who would have thought that one day I would meet the two great chefs of “Two Greedy Italians”? Who would have even considered that I’ve been collaborating with the whole crew at the new television series “Two Greedy Italians” for the BBC? Here's my story

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