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Wanted Liguria Reporters!

Do you like to write, travel, make pictures? Are you an expat in Italy and living your “dolce vita” dream in the Liguria region? If you are very familiar with Liguria, or if you were born in the Italian Riviera and would like to tell your experience in this region, this is the right place for you.

Beautiful Liguria is searching reporters and contributors who would like to share their love for Liguria with brief posts. Topics can be different, from stories of everyday life, food&wine, art, events, memorable places, local interests, dishes, or any other thing about Liguria that capture your curiosity.

Beautiful Liguria has not a real head office, so all you need to join our team is a computer and an Internet connection. No timetable or dress code is needed!

If you have publishing experiences it will be considered an added value, but is not an indispesable skill. If you are interested in being a contributor and would like to have more informations, just write to Beautiful Liguria at our Contact form.

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